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Grow sales the simple way by giving more customers more purchasing power. With Know you don't second guess your financing partner as we help connect to consumers to multiple repayment options regardless of their considered purchase.

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Delight Consumers with Speed

Sometimes your customer already knows what they want. Don't put roadblocks or speed bumps in their way. When you use Know your customers can enjoy 1-click checkout and so can you.

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Personalization w/o Passwords

Personalization is key to driving long-term relationships with consumers. But today forcing your customers to create yet another user name and password does not have to happen.  Use Know to eliminate passwords and keep personalization.

Explore The Connections

Who do we work with

We work directly with software platforms, payment service providers and merchant groups to heighten and expand their capabilities. Whether you want an out-of-box solution or connect with our APIs we want to be your best partner.

software platforms

Software Platforms

Connect your platform to consumer options that scale and growth with you.

payments providers

Payment Providers

Capture the growing volume of BNPL and online orders in a single integration.

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Merchant Groups

Connect and empower solutions to create network affects that will last.

What makes us different

We take an integrated approach. We focus on the unique needs and solutions of our partners to help enhance their offerings not replace them.


  • support mutli-channel controls
  • As a stand-alone solution or behind an existing authentication framework
  • PCI Compliant
  • Supports configurable pricing models


  • connect via APIs or Drop-in
  • Supports multiple payment service providers out-of-the-box
  • launch as a stand-alone solution or behind an existing authentication framework
  • Get started without minimums

Want to offer more profitable commerce experiences?

If you or your team have questions about our business model or how we might work together send us a message.

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