1- click checkout

What is it?

The Basics

1-click checkout is when a customer doesn't have to enter any of their payment or shipping information to complete a purchase.

Top 3 Characteristics

  • 8x faster then standard checkouts
  • Payment methods can be selected or default
  • Can be offered directly on a product page or at the cart level.

Here's how they work

1-click button
verifying  customer screen
payment method selection screen
purchase confirmation screen

The 4 basic steps of a 1-click checkout


Click the 1-click checkout "buy now" button.


Consumer ID and payment data is checked and verified.

third step

Payment and billing information confirmed.

4th step

Payment processed, and purchase confirmed.


1-click checkout solutions have proven to help merchants increase sales on certain goods and services, reduce cart abandonment and improve customer retention. Adding 1-click checkout to your consumers experiences is an ideal way to build trust with each interaction.

For Business

  • Increase sales
  • reduces cart abandonment rates
  • improve Net Promoter Score (brand trust)
  • Increase the sale of high margin items
  • benefit from a network of merchants using Know

For Customer

  • Save time
  • Easy to understand
  • Supports multiple payment types
  • works across a network of businesses
  • Consumer controls data

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