What is it?

The Basics

It is a payment option that gives the buyer more time to pay for the goods or services they want to own today.

Top 3 Characteristics

  • Allows a customer to split a single purchase into 3-4 equal payments
  • Zero Interest
  • Doesn't require a hard credit check

Here's how they work

The 4 basic steps of a BNPL experience


When your customer is at the payment screen they see a couple of payment options. One of them is the BNPL option.


When they pick the BNPL option, they verify their identity, and agrees to terms.

third step

Before the customer completes the agreement they make their first payment by filling out their payment information.

4th step

Then you get paid. (depending on the BNPL terms service)

Experiences the demo

We built a demo store for you to play around the BNPL+ solution first hand. Feel free to go through the experience yourself and buy a pretend couch.

Try it out yourself


BNPL programs are proven to increase sales, shopper conversion rate, and customer retention. No matter your price point you can improve your business when you offer consumers more ways to pay and BNPL is a great choice.

For Business

  • Increase sales
  • Works similar to cards
  • Not responsible for defaults
  • Shoppers love it and that can mean increased loyalty

For Customer

  • afford larger purchases
  • Easy to understand
  • Can use it again and again
  • Does not have interest cost

What makes Know's BNPL+ Different

Know takes an integrated approach. We focus on the unique needs and solutions of our partners to help enhance their offerings rather than replace them.

Engineered for Partnership

  • Engineered to natively support mutli-channel controls.
  • launch as a stand-alone solution or behind an existing authentication framework
  • Cloud based salability up to 100,000 transactions/second
  • Meets and exceeds Payment network security standards
  • supports per merchant pricing models

Built for Collaboration

  • Integrated at a bank level to make moving money secure and seamless
  • Supports multiple payment service providers out of the box
  • Supports a range of project deployment timelines
  • co-branding options available
  • out of the box billing management

Want to offer more profitable commerce experiences?

If you or your team have questions about our business model or how we might work together send us a message.

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