Single Sign-on

What is it?

The Basics

Single sign-on is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log into one systems and security access several related, yet independent, software systems.

Top 3 Characteristics

  • Eliminates the need for more than one user name and passcode
  • allows a user to pass between systems without re-entering login credentials
  • permissions can be revoked without Interrupting the user

Here's how they work

verification input interface
verification confirmation screen
personal login bar

The 3 basic steps of a single sign-on experience


Enter phone or email


Enter verification code

third step

Gain access to personalized user experience including profile, product curation, passed orders, etc.


Single sign-on solutions have proven to help merchants increase sales and become more resilient to market changes. Adopting a single sign-on solution gives businesses the luxury of an instant relationship that can be expanded as their business continues to grow and evolve.

For Business

  • Increase sales
  • Inherit relationships from the SSO provider
  • Increases The ability to evolve product and service offerings
  • reduces customer friction over forgotten passwords
  • enables personalization across a customer relationship journey

For Customer

  • no more user name and passcode to remember
  • better shopping and purchasing experience
  • works across multiple businesses
  • Device agnostic

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